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Music at the MiiR office

At MiiR, we’re big fans of beats and creativity. Pretty Lights defines both of these. Derek Smith’s mixes have become typical candy for our ears since 2010. Smith’s music relies heavily on digital sampling and crosses many genres, forming a combination of “glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples.” In his newest album A Color Map of the Sun, Smith’s ability to blend beats and vintage instruments is mind blowing. The album is the first of Smith’s to be composed from his own originally produced music in its entirety. Smith’s recordings were pressed as samples to vinyl and then mixed using modular synthesis. In describing why he chose this requirement, Smith has stated: “I was trying to think of something that would be a massive challenge for myself and just a really cool project. I wanted to also prove to myself I could do it.”

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