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peace community project // more clean water for Liberia!

In December we announced a $10,000 grant that our giving partner One Day’s Wages gave to Well Done Organization that would go towards the construction of three wells and a comprehensive hygiene program for a community in Liberia, West Africa, half of the grant being funded by MiiR customers through our one4one initiative. We are excited to announce that the building of well #1 is currently underway and the people in Peace Community will soon have access to clean water!

get to know Peace Community

Located on the outskirts of Buchanan, Liberia, Peace Community consists of approximately 1,350 people. Prior to this project, most of the water used in this community was drawn from unprotected holes in the ground and unsafe streams or ponds like the ones seen in our documentary. These conditions have caused water-related diseases that have taken workers out of their jobs, kept children from attending school, and also resulted in deaths in the community. Not having water readily available has been particularly burdensome for women who have spent much of their day fetching clean water, which is time they could have been working in a job or getting an education. By providing access to safe water, it is the hope of ODW, WDO and MiiR that a key component in the cycle of poverty will be broken. To learn more about how these wells are built, check out our short video below.

hygiene & sanitation training

The need for clean drinking water was clear and pressing, but we recognize that introducing clean water to the community is only part of the battle. As part of this project, WDO has conducted hygiene and sanitation training for members of these communities using Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) methods, as programs like PHAST have been proven to reduce water borne diseases by upwards of 45%. Members of the community have been taught and will continue to train others about disease transmission, routes and methods to block them and how health is linked to water and sanitation. Our hope is that this training along with access to clean water will have a tremendous impact on the community’s development and provide great steps forward in improving the quality of life for the people of Peace Community.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our customers and supporters for helping to make this project possible and stay tuned for more updates as the other two wells are completed!

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